Adding a critical element to the new ways that we work and collaborate. Increase engagement and create tangible outcome.


Understanding and applying the right virtual visual tool to effectively support the needs of the group. Innovating the ways that we collaborate virtually.


Remaining true to the belief that relationships at the core is key to strong, enduring outcomes. Continuing to create space for relationship building.


Innovation in the virtual visual space is happening rapidly as we are all forced to change the ways that we work and collaborate. Virtual is the new normal and visuals that support engagement and connection have become a critical element to successful virtual collaboration and planning. I am excited to apply my long-time experience as a visual practitioner to the amazing innovations happening in the virtual visual space. These innovations have inspired me to expand my client services to include:

Virtual Visual Note Taking

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Real-time, graphic note taking that captures the meeting as it happens. Having a remote graphic recorder as an active listener who synthesizes and visualizes information increase engagement and helps participants see ideas more clearly, enabling them to make connections between them. With virtual visual note taking you are able to create memorable, tangible outcomes to share with participants after the meeting.

Virtual Visual Facilitation

Increase efficiency and maximize time in your virtual meetings with a skilled facilitator who holds a solid container for the meeting and integrates visuals into the process. Benefit from pre-meeting planning and process design with a subject matter expert to ensure that you are able to achieve the outcomes that you and your team are aiming for. In live and in virtual spaces Maketa is exceptionally skilled at balancing the right level of guidance with following the wisdom and flow of the group.

Virtual Visual Planning

Integrate effective, collaborative online visual tools into virtual meetings to support design thinking, brainstorming, and strategic planning. Maketa is a member of the MURAL Consultants Network and integrates their virtual visual tools to help your team actively share ideas and build plans in dynamic, virtual workspaces. This platform provides a flexible space to use and customize traditional and emerging design thinking and planning frameworks.
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Image used courtesy of MURAL

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Maketa is a Seattle based master facilitator and highly experienced thought partner leading organizational development efforts for non-profit, government, higher education and corporate organizations.

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There are facilitators that can facilitate, some that can add brainpower and strategy, and there are some that bring graphics to their work. This guy can do it all.
Paul Shoemaker, Senior Consultant & Speaker, Author of Can't Not Do, Founding President of SVP International