Learn, understand and refine by DOING! No games here. Focused, intentional simulations allow teams to experience and connect to higher performance. Who feels it knows it.


An approach built on proven developmental models. Process that transforms theory into practice, helping teams see where they are and gain the tools to reach high performance.


The focus is on improving and developing a team's communication, responsibility and alignment. This goes beyond the short lived change that comes from traditional "team building."

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Beyond "team building" there is Team Development - the approach that is focused on long-term behavior change that transforms groups into High Performance teams! High Performance can be the quest for excellence and maximum team effect, the ability to innovate, or the ability to deliver beyond expectations. It is a set of concrete skills available to teams who commit. The specific skills and behaviors that drive High Performance can be learned by any team.

Using simulation-based engagements Maketa works with leaders and teams to develop their strengths, identify beliefs, assumptions and behaviors that hinder performance, integrate new understanding and deepen the relationships that leads to High Performance.  There is no guess work - the simulations bring clarity to what is working and to the areas of opportunity for growth and improvement. Experienced facilitation and coaching offers the tools and insight for developing the excellence.
Team Development Trainings are:

• Engaging and relevant

• Customized to the group's specific developmental stage and needs

• Attentive to the cultural diversity of the group

Clients also call on Maketa to design and lead:

• Large group initiatives and energizers integrated into meetings or conferences

• Formal team and team leader assessment using The Grove Team Performance Indicator

• Outdoor experience-based trainings (certified low ropes course facilitator and trainer)

• Interactive rhythm-based events (10 to 800+ participants)

Team development is about identifying high performance behaviors and changing behaviors that don't support the individual or the team. It is about developing skills, not just awareness. With active engagement assumptions and strategies are tested, action plans are refined, skills are built and change happens. My approach integrates theory with simulation based practice. Teams benefit from potent learning processes that are specifically designed to meet their unique needs and objectives.
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It really is about relationships! What individuals or organizations do you know that would benefit from a partnership with me? Help make the connection!
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Maketa is a Seattle based master facilitator and trainer leading organizational development efforts for non-profit, educational, government, and corporate organizations.

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He listened to everything we said and his summations were right on. Excellent at what he does, I had confidence and trust in him from the very beginning. AWESOME!

Jim Baker, Pilchuck Glass School