Maketa was personable and inviting and he was a great facilitator - leading but not directive. He kept us on track without squelching the creative process. Well done!
Children's Hospital participant


The way that he captured everything that was said created a visual transcript that we kept referring back to over and over again. We were really able to see the progress we made.
Independent School Administrator


He clearly had a plan for the day and we were able to achieve our objectives. He kept us moving forward while he seamlessly adjusted the day's schedule to meet our groups pace.
Bowhead Transport participant

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Maketa is exceptionally skilled at leading people through processes toward agreed upon outcomes in ways that elicit participation, ownership and creativity from everyone involved. His approach to facilitation effectively balances directing the group with empowering them to take ownership of the process. Maketa’s experience gives him the tools and strategies to support collaboration and effectively respond to the ever-changing needs of the group through every stage of the process.
Clients call on Maketa’s graphic facilitation, expertise and group process skills to lead:

• Efficient & Effective Meetings

• Strategic Visioning & Planning

• Situational Analysis

• Crucial Conversations

• Ideation & Brainstorming

• Multi-day Retreats

• Large Group Engagements

• Diversity Engagements

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Maketa is an Associate of the Grove Consultants International, global leaders of visual planning and graphic facilitation.

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GRAPHIC FACILITATION integrates visual mapping and graphic language with the art of leading groups. It is a creative tool for guiding groups with visual metaphors that encourage engagement at the appropriate level - from high level visioning to "on the ground" operational planning.

GRAPHIC RECORDING is the art of listening and capturing ideas and dialog using images, icons and visual mapping. Graphics support visual thinking and allow groups to find relevant patterns of understanding within the information that they generate and share.

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Maketa is a Seattle based master facilitator and trainer leading organizational development efforts for non-profit, educational, government, and corporate organizations.

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Maketa was personable and inviting. He shaped the day to best accommodate the goals of the group. He was a great facilitator for our conversations - leading but not directive. He kept us on track without squelching the creative process. Well done!

Sean Warren, Bill & Melinda Gates team member