The work of creating more equitable and inclusive organizations is dynamic journey requiring commitment, solid leadership and active engagement from all. Maketa is experienced leading systemic change efforts through all phases of the journey.


Authentic and informed relationships are the foundation for creating more equitable and inclusive organizations. Cultivating relational space creates connection, which supports engagement, which leads to understanding and shift.


Relevant and leading edge theory informs the journey. Distilled language and insightful models support the learning that leads to understanding. Bridging the gap between theory and practice with powerful simulations supports change at the level of the head and the heart.

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Whether for a half-day training or a multi-year partnership, Maketa's approach to the journey toward equity and inclusion places diversity awareness - of self and others - as an essential starting point. However equity requires that we travel further and explore cultural competence, culturally responsive teaching and practice, relevant social justice issues and the ways that power and privilege influence change at all levels.

journey metaphor invites individuals and organizations to recognize the many unknowns that emerge as we engage this work together. We encounter challenges, gain new perspectives, reach new heights and learn to see ourselves and our community in new ways. Through committed and authentic engagement, individuals and systems are transformed.

Clients call on Maketa to lead equity and diversity journeys that:

• Support exploration, dialogue and learning

• Lead to greater awareness of individual experience and organizational issues and opportunites

• Offer tangible skills and tools to create positive change and expand practice

There is no one-size fits all model for creating equitable and inclusive communities. Every phase of the journey is designed to respond to the unique situation and needs of the group. Within a framework of best practices gained through years of successful systemic change efforts, Maketa engages the group where they are on their journey by offering the right tools, strategies, theories or process at the right time. Being responsive rather than prescriptive is at the core of his approach.

Where does your journey begin?

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It really is about relationships! What individuals or organizations do you know that would benefit from a partnership with me? Help make the connection!
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Maketa is a Seattle-based facilitator and trainer leading organizational development efforts for nonprofit and corporate organizations.

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Maketa was a remarkably insightful facilitator, with a seemingly innate ability to take our assessment comments and move them to a higher perspective, "for the betterment of all." His even-handed, accepting-of-all approach allowed each to feel their input was valued. He was complimentary and supportive throughout the day and seamlessly adjusted the day's schedule to meet our groups pace. What an impressive human being!

Children's Hospital, participant