Looking at race explicitly but not exclusively. This perspective approach challenges organizations to address the root causes of inequity.


Beyond the relational, a strategic approach to equity focuses on institutional and system level change that has impact.


Relevant and leading edge theory and data inform the work. Backed by over 17 years of practice, an informed equity lens bridges the gap between intentions and outcomes.

Maketa's approach to the equity journey focuses on supporting institutional and systems change at the strategic-level. His approach to strategic leadership is guided by a strong racial equity lens that is informed by over 17 years as an equity trainer, organizational change leader and thought partner. Maketa understands that an active and ongoing examination of systemic and structural racism, access and inclusion, power, and bias at all levels is foundational to developing real equity strategy. He is a go-to partner for organizations that have been on the journey and want to ensure that their guiding strategy reflects that committment.

journey metaphor invites organizations to recognize the many unknowns that emerge as they move toward their vision for equity. On this journey they encounter challenges, gain new perspectives, and learn to see themselves, their partners, their clients and their sector in new ways. Through committed, ongoing engagement, clear strategic goals and implementation strategies, organizations are able to move toward authentic, anti-racist practice that has impact and is accountable to people and communities of color.

Clients call on Maketa to bring a critical racial equity lens to:

• Create organizational vision and strategy that aligns with equity values

• Coach and consult executive leaders to effectively guide the implementation of equity strategy within their organization

• Ensure that meeting engagements and outcomes are aligned with anti-racist equity practices

• Idenfity, name and address equity issues that hinder organizational culture and/or team performance

Your strategy at all levels should be informed by a racial equity lens.

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Maketa is a Seattle based master facilitator and highly experienced thought partner leading organizational development efforts for non-profit, government, higher education and corporate organizations.

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Maketa was a remarkably insightful facilitator, with a seemingly innate ability to take our assessment comments and move them to a higher perspective, "for the betterment of all." His even-handed, accepting-of-all approach allowed each to feel their input was valued. He was complimentary and supportive throughout the day and seamlessly adjusted the day's schedule to meet our groups pace. What an impressive human being!

Children's Hospital, participant