Develop a shared understanding of the pieces to better understand the whole. Approach complex problems and opportunities more effectively.


Approaches built on proven models and visual frameworks that support visioning, ideation and action planning.


Encouraging creativity and foresight across roles to generate new possibilities and respond to change with innovative new approaches.

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Using dynamic, visually supported processes Maketa works with groups to leverage hindsight, deepen insight and agree on current realties, develop foresight around a shared vision, and create strategies and action plans for implementing change.

Maketa combines visual tools with innovative process strategies and masterful facilitation to create productive sessions that establish and build on a solid relational foundation among all involved stakeholders.
Strategic Planning Sessions:

• Use tested, high-engagement frameworks and design

• Integrate complex data analysis with the wisdom in the room

• Balance hindsight and foresight to provide clear direction in the present

• Provide a big picture, systemic view while also considering the essential parts

Clients also call on Maketa to:

• Lead efficient and effective meetings

• Design group processes

• Provide digital and analog graphic recording for conferences and convenings

Strategic Planning is about identifying vision and direction for the group or organization. My approach - whether virtual or in-person - integrates traditional planning methods with visual mapping to allow the group to see where they’ve been, where they want to be, and the pathway to get there.
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Maketa is a Seattle based master facilitator and highly experienced thought partner leading organizational development efforts for non-profit, government, higher education and corporate organizations.

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He listened to everything we said and his summations were right on. Excellent at what he does, I had confidence and trust in him from the very beginning. AWESOME!

Jim Baker, Pilchuck Glass School